in Huntington Beach


Childern's Haircuts include Consultation, Shampoo & Condition, Haircut and Style, with Flowers. Includes Twisties, French Braids and Rainbow Braids.
All haircuts and styles are subject to an extra charge for long and/or thicker hair. Some layered-cuts, blow-outs, specialty braids and curls are extra charge.

Our Stylists are experienced and trained for babys, toddlers, and kids. Services include...


Baby's First Haircut (includes certificate, and clipping of child's hair)

Boys- Toddlers to Teens- Haircuts, Clipper Cuts,  Buzz Cuts

Girls- Toddlers to Teens- Haircuts, Braids and Styles

Bang Trims for Girls (no shampoo or style)

Edge Trim Clean-up for Boys (no shampoo)

Adults and Teens Too!

And what could be more convenient than getting a haircut for the whole family at one salon? Haircuts include Consultation, Shampoo & Condition, Cut and Style. 

Styling & Braids
Basic Styles and Braids include shampoo & condition (5 years and up) Basic Braids, Flowers and/or light blow-Dry. Curls may be extra. 30 Min. appointment.
Some Special Braids, blow-outs and long/thick hair may be more.

We also offer Feathers, Bling Strings, AirBrushing, and Chalking. Prices vary.

Up-Dos, Ringlets, Blow-Outs & Flat Ironing
These appointments are booked for at least 1 hour, do not included a haircut and may not include shampoo depenting on desired style. For best results , if Curling, we recommend washing the night before.

Corn-Row Braiding
Front-half of the head braids (30 min. appointment) 
10 braids( 60 min. appointment)
Full-head braided (Bo Derek Style) prices are based on amount of hair, length, thickness, number of braids, and time it takes to complete. (Corn rows do not include haircut.)

Chemical Services
Green-Out/ Chlorine Removal Treatment 
Deep Conditioning