in Huntington Beach


Chidrens Haircuts include Consultation, Shampoo & Condition (optional), Cut, Simple Style/Braid and Blow-dry with flowers, or beads.
All Haircuts and styles are subject to an extra charge for long and/or thicker hair.
Some layered cuts or styles may be extra charge.

Hair Cuts by the ages
                     Kids Cuts 0-5  $22
Girls Cuts 6-10 $23 &up  
Boys Cuts 6-10 $23                                          
Girls Cuts 11-15 $24 &up
  Boys Cuts 11-15 $24
Girls Cuts 16-18 $28 &up Boys Cuts 16-18  $25
Womans Cuts $30   Mens Cuts $25

Bang Trim only $7.00 (no shampoo or blow-dry/style)
Edge Clean-up for boys $7.00 (no shampoo/blow-dry)

Basic Styles include shampoo & condition ( if desired) Simple Braids, Flowers and blow-Dry.
Some Special Braids and styles may be $2-$4 more.

Girls 0-6 $20 &up
Girls 7-10 $21 
Girls 11-15 $22 &up
Girls 16 &up 
$23 &up
Simple-Special Styles starting at $30 (30 minute appointment only)
We also offer Feathers, Bling Strings, AirBrush Design, and Chalking. Prices vary.

Up-Dos, Ringlets, Blow-Outs & Flat Ironing
these appointments are booked for at least 1 hour, does not include shampoo or cut.
Ages up to 5 years  $40 &up
6 years - 10 years $45 &up
11 years -15 years $50 &up
16 years &up $60 &up

Corn Row Braiding starts at $35.00 for 6 braids on the front half of the head (30 min. appointment)
8 braids start at $40, 10 braids start at $50
Full head of braids usually run about $75, often 90 minute appointments  or more depending on the hair.
Additional braids are $2.00-$5.00 each.
Full head braided (Bo Derek Style) prices are based on amount of hair, length, thickness and time it takes to complete, typically starting  at $50 for the first hour, $10.00 for each additional 15min. (Corn rows do not include haircut.)

 Chemical Services
Green-Out/ Chlorine Removal Treatment $15
Deep Conditioning  $10
Perms starting  at $75.00 and up
Haircolor starting at $60.00 and up
Weaves & Highlighting starting at $60.00 for partial, $75.00 for full, and up